5 Great Simple Anti ageing tips

5 Great Simple Anti ageing tips

Applying Argan Liquid GoldWe have all tried or at least considered ways to try to retain our youthful appearance. we have put together 5-great-simple-anit-aging-tips As a beautician, I’m often asked, “What should I be doing to my skin today to prevent wrinkles from appearing later?” My clients come to me because they are committed to investing in their skin to ensure their face stays healthy and youthful-looking and prevent Aniti-ageing. If you’re reading this post, I’m sure you’re someone who takes care of his/her skin seriously, too. Read on for some beneficial anti-ageing information that you need to know.

The skin care industry is full of products designed to prevent the signs of ageing and the demand is growing year on year. Many years ago, skin care was focused on addressing current issues like smoothing wrinkles, fading marks and curing dry skin. There was no concept of preventing the Anti- ageing problem we all face. Slowing down the effects of ageing, from becoming visible in the first place is now something skincare specialists are more aware of and anti-ageing should be everyone’s focus. Each and every one of us is ageing every day but most people just allow this process to continue without any attempt to slow it down and then start to panic at later stages in life. As a start we can try to control what we eat, and how much time we spend in the sun or whether we use SPF factor when we go out. Whether or not you smoke or enjoy a few drinks, late night partying and various other lifestyle factors, everything we do has an effect.

What makes the skin age faster?

UV rays given off by the sun are the number one reason for premature skin ageing. Try to limit sun exposure and use a high SPF factor cream when UV exposure is high. Try using argan oil as a natural skin healer. Argan oil is a great way to prevent permanent damage to your skin. Spraying with high SPF factor of least 35 are 50 is a must.

1. Sleeping position

Did you know the way you sleep may be the second most prominent cause of wrinkles? One surprising cause of premature wrinkling on the face is the position of the body during sleep. Try to get in the habit of sleeping on your back to prevent causing creases that last. Consider investing in some luxury, soft silk pillow cases.

Creases from repetitive face movements (squinting, laughing, smiling, talking, yawning) eventually set in. Our faces were meant to move, but you do want to avoid facial expressions that are unnecessary.

2. Face exercises

2.Many people are unaware that we have 53 muscles in our face, and 32 of them are accessible for exercise. The pull of gravity through the years causes the muscles of the face to sag. Exercising the muscles beneath the skin helps the skin to appear tighter and firmer and can reduce the sign of anti-aging

3. Smoking 

Smoking starves cells of oxygen, resulting in dull, tired looking skin. Additionally, collagen destroying enzymes ramp up when exposed to tobacco smoke. This dramatically increases how quickly the skin ages. try cut down smoking to prevent Anti-aging.

4. Medication

Also, every medicated drug will affect your body differently, but generally speaking, medications and drug use can stress the nervous system. This contributes to the wear and tear of connective tissue, resulting in flaccid, loose, sagging skin.

5. Healthy lifestyle

Let’s not forget the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating foods high in nutritional value and anti-oxidants, sleeping between 7-9 hours a night and exercising to keep the blood circulating through body. As for laughter, doctors and health professionals are prescribing laughter to lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, and increase disease-fighting cells. This can all lead to a healthier immune system prevent Anti-aging.

At what age should you consider anti-ageing products? 

Argan oil has the greatest ability to prevent wrinkles and premature skin ageing.  perfect for Anti-aging It can be applied to children as young as 5 years old. This essentially means that anti-ageing can start at an early age. It keeps the skin looking healthy and nourishes the cells during the renewal process and slow down Anit-aging.

Bottom line:

It’s all about prevention. How you care for your skin, body and mind now will pave the way for how you will look and feel in the future.


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Written by May Hamid

Director Of Argan Liquid Gold