5 Ways to Look After Yourself As Part Of Your Usual Routine.

Although taking a spa day, a holiday or a sabbatical from work might be the ultimate way to look after yourself  we have 5 Ways to Look After Yourself As Part Of Your Usual Routine.. relax, it will  help you get through your average day or week and it’s not something everyone can do.

Instead, here are 5 ways to make relaxation and health a part of your daily routine.

1. Start your day with some quiet time. Wake up just 10 minutes earlier, get yourself a cup of hot tea, and have a few minutes before the madness starts. If you can meditate (lucky you!) then take the time to do an early morning meditation. If you can’t, try the headspace app for some guided meditation to learn how to do it yourself.

2. Take the time to nourish your body. A healthy breakfast with fruit and protein will set you up for a busy day at work or looking after your family. Avocado and eggs is always a good start. Then take the time to nourish your skin. After a shower or bath, treat your skin to some luxury moisture – after a wash is the best time to apply Argan Liquid Gold. Your skin will feel supple, soft and happy all day!

3. Don’t waste your commute. This is the perfect time for a book (if you aren’t driving!), a podcast or even some guided meditation. Escape the daily race, and enjoy your imagination for a little while.

4. At lunchtime, after having a nourishing lunch, pop out for a walk or exercise. 67% of office workers eat their lunch at their desks, and have very little down time during the day. If the sun is out, take your lunch outside, but even when the weather is rubbish, emerge from the darkness and just take a bit of time away from your work. You might find that your work will actually benefit from your clear head!

5. Keep drinking water and get to bed early. We blogged recently about the importance of water for your health and beauty. It’s a key part of feeling well. Getting to bed at a reasonable time is easier said than done, but it’s crucial and you should aim to get there an early as you can manage. You will thank yourself tomorrow.

You can thank us when you are glowing, smiling and calm!