Argan Oil Benefits – Skin so Soft and Smooth is What We all Crave

A skin so lusciously beautiful, hydrated with a natural glow.

Argan Oil Benefits: The current icy mornings and rainy afternoons have the best of us feeling dull, flaky and run down. Skin can seriously dry out in these winter mornings especially on the way into work. The toxic pollution our skin endures during the morning route is the worst. That moment the air touches your skin when you first leave the front door to the final moment you return home… what a relief to be home and indoors. No more cold air from the outside world and no more air conditioning from the office.

One way I make sure my skin is constantly hydrated is by following my morning routine with Argan Liquid Gold. My first step is to always use a good amount of Argan Oil. I feel this soaks up into my skin so perfectly. It is absorbed into my face like quicksand, sinking in deeply and making my skin feel so lush.

The best way to keep your skin hydrated in this weather is to use Argan oil first. After applying Argan Liquid Gold’s Argan Oil, I then use the Rejuvenating Day Cream. I find the day cream keeps my skin super hydrated, this also leaves my face feeling so tight and refreshed.  The day cream contains many amazing active ingredients one of them being 24K Gold, helping to lighten the skins natural complexion so that you glow naturally.

Argan Oil Benefits

As I am aging I have noticed a few lines appearing on my neck. Applying Argan oil really helps with smoothing out the lines that sometimes appear on my neck.  Many people don’t realize, caring for your neck is really important. A few drops of Argan Oil will help to keep the lines at bay whilst firming up the skin. Sometimes our necks can also dry out so it’s important to apply our daily skin care face routine to our necks, even going as far down to your collar bone. My advice for all of us out there is to ensure to look after your skin in this terrible cold weather, to prevent long term damage and ensure your skin remains youthful for longer.