Detoxing – A simple 4 step plan

Citrus fruits

Detoxing and hitting the gym are on most peoples minds after our unhealthy Christmas diets have finally come to an end. Follow our simple 4 step plan and you will be reaping the rewards in no time.

We all like to over indulge over the holidays, but a combination of high alcohol and sugar intakes coupled with late nights can take its toll on our skin and body. These include dehydrated skin and vessels dilating, which can lead to the skin becoming flushed and over time this redness can persist and thread veins can start to become visible.

The skin can become generally dry and sensitive. Party food tends to be high in glucose and other ingredients that damage collagen. This then causes dehydration in skin and causes the body to hold onto water which can give the face a bloated appearance.

1. Diet

We don’t tend to eat fresh fruit and vegetables during party season and prefer a quick fix before we go out. Our diet during this season is full of so much processed, unhealthy and sugary food. These foods have a huge negative effect on our body resulting in unhealthy, dehydrated and vitamin starved skin.

The best way to start detoxing is by incorporating fruits that are rich in Vitamin C, such as berries, pomegranates and citrus fruits. These help protect the skin and support the production of collagen and Vitamin C, which can strengthen blood vessels. Additionally make sure to add Vitamin K to your diet through the delicious sources of leafy greens and yogurts. These will help to produce a perfect glow from your skin. A balanced diet, rich in anti-oxidants and foods that support a healthy skin barrier will definitely protect skin against daily stresses. It will also ensure your skin remains healthy and radiant. I recommend foods such as oily fish, flax seeds, avocado and nuts.

2. Hydration

Fresh water and lemons

We all talk about the importance of water, I know it sounds quite obvious, but drinking lots of water is the key to helping your body and skin staying hydrated. The best way to drink water is by adding fresh lemons or fresh pieces of fruit to wake up your taste buds in the morning. This is best done an hour before any hot drinks and will also help detoxify your skin.

3. Sleep

Make sure you allow yourself to catch up on your beauty sleep. If you struggle with insomnia or broken sleep, you could try light exercise and a hot cup of chamomile tea before bed. Incorporate cleansing and toning your skin into both your morning and evening detoxing routines.  This will help to eliminate dead cells and allow new cell growth.

4. Moisturise

Finally, we need to make sure we use a proven moisturiser that will lock water into the skin and retain moisture. I recommend products that include ingredients such as squalane. Preventing any water loss or disruption to your skin barrier is a vital factor in maintaining healthy skin.

In my opinion and with years of experience, skin hydration is vital for keeping the skin calm, hydrated and healthy for that perfect firm and youthful glow.


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Written by May Hamid

Director of Argan Liquid Gold