Fashion – Wear clothes that show off your beautiful skin.

How your skin looks is a big factor when choosing which clothes to wear. We often see people walking down the high street or standing at the bus stop that are just oozing confidence. Fashion icon’s have the right outfit to go with it, smell great and just have that look about them that makes most of us look back twice.

Fashion iconWe have all noticed that feeling when we are all dressed up for a party or a dinner and look amazing. The confidence and positivity we feel when we look in the mirror is an emotion we can have every day. Make an effort every day and be proud of you what you are the fashion icon that you are.

It is a must to treat your skin importantly and give it the love it deserves. A simple skincare routine can take only minutes and the results are visible immediately, giving you a glow that stands out from the crowd and it helps maintain a healthy appearance day after day. It allows your skin to breathe and regenerate at a healthy rate making you look younger for longer.

But is that just half the battle to turn heads?

Fashion is huge part of our daily lives and we spend even more time now checking out trends and celebrities on what is ‘in’ and what is no more. We are constantly exposed to the rich and famous who seem to set the trends for what is fashionable right now. Just take a look through Instagram to see how many followers these people have, it’s astonishing.

Another great way to get a true insight into the latest and future trends has to be London Fashion Week, one of the most inspiring events of the year. If you really want to know whats ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’, this is one you can’t afford to miss.

To conclude, I would say care for your appearance as this the first impression others have of you. The rest falls into place as the self confidence overspills through your character and charm!


For information on schedules, fashion trends and tickets visit LondonFashionWeek. You can also keep up to date with their live stream.

Written By May Hamid

Director of Argan Liquid Gold