Essential Elements of a Skin Care Routine

Regardless of your skin type, having a skin care routine is very essential. Your skin faces many challenges every day. Weather, pollution, diet and stress all affect our skin in different ways. Oh and not forgetting the gravitational pull of the Earth!

An essential part of the fight against these elements is an ideal skin care routine that suits your schedule and skin. Many people are not sure where to start, so I have included a basic guide to keeping your skin looking fresh and most importantly in a healthy state at all times.


Cleansing & Toning

This should be done morning and night as a basic step to keeping your skin pure and healthy.

Cleansing and Toning your skin regularly is essential to preventing your pores from becoming clogged. Every day our skin gets clogged with dead skin cells, bacteria, pollutants and many other impurities, all gradually accumulating on skin. Cleanse your face at least once a day with a gentle hydrating cleanser. This will get rid of all the debris and help prepare your skin for the next stage in the skin care routine.


Ideally twice a week is sufficient.

Exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells that clog pores and cause breakouts. As a result it allows the benefits of cosmetic ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. By doing so, you will see the real benefits of applying other skin healing products such as Argan Oil, as it works its way through the layers and the results will be more evident in less time. I would recommend a Gentle Exfoliator as it causes less harm to the surface of the skin.

(Some exfoliators have small beads we are familiar with, which in fact under a microscope, scratch the skin when it rubbed in to the face and so a Gentle Exfoliator will have the same affect without scratching your skin).


This should be done morning and night as a basic step to keeping your skin pure and healthy.

Using formulated moisturisers creams may have ingredients that are not so great for the skin. We would recommend using a natural product such as Argan Oil to help replenish your moisture barrier while benefitting from its highly packed, rich and beneficial nutritive elements.

As we age, our skin also becomes less active in repairing itself and also loses its ability to retain moisture. When you do not moisturise, especially after cleansing and exfoliating, your skin cells become dehydrated and eventually leaves you with dull and dry skin.

Include the above steps into your daily routine and you will see your skin improve within a short period of time.



Make small changes to your diet too, you will soon see the amazing affects of how our diet affects our skin condition. Food items such as  Oily Fish, Avacado, sunflower seeds and Wallnuts are a must!.