Real Liquid Gold

When we say our products are liquid gold – it’s not just the luxuriousness of the pure Argan oil that we are referring to – our products really are 24 carat liquid gold…

How can it be gold? Can I see the gold?

Colloidal gold, or nano-gold are microscopic gold particles suspended in other liquid, in this case matching with our organic, skin transforming Argan oil. The pairing of gold and 100% Moroccan Argan oil is one of the most opulent and sumptuous combinations of natural and precious produce, which brings real luxury to your delicate skin.

Because it’s microscopic 24 carat gold, you can’t see the gold particles themselves, but your skin will absorb, feel and benefit from the powerful healing and rejuvenating qualities that it brings.

Gold healing?

Yes! Research shows that colloidal gold can ease the swelling associated with inflammatory conditions like arthritis, rheumatism and tendinitis. It also speeds up cellular processes, activating your bodies dormant but natural regenerating abilities, encouraging the base layer to produce healthy new cells.

This means that your precious skin, already absorbing the incredible antioxidants and vitamins that are infused in our argan oil, can rejuvenate from the microscopic gold, reducing swelling and becoming supple, tighter and soft and years younger – up to 5 years in just a few weeks.

Perhaps the most surprising quality of this precious mineral, is that because of its balancing effect on our bodies, it can help to heal those who are suffering from stress or poor mental health like anxiety, depression, frustration, and sadness.

For all these reasons, astoundingly, regular consumption of colloidal gold has also been linked to increased longevity. And it’s this hope of immoral beauty that caught the attention of some of the most beautiful women in history…

Have you just discovered this?

Sadly, we can’t take complete credit for discovering the wondrous properties of this precious metal – though, the combination with our premium pure Argan oil has certainly transformed the nano-gold into something far beyond anything used in history previously.

The health and restorative properties of colloidal gold were believed as a matter of course during the Middle Ages. Alexandria, Egypt was reportedly the original founding place for the use of gold in medicine, where it was developed by a group of adepts known as Alchemists. The Elixir of Life, made from liquid gold by the alchemists, purportedly had the ability to restore youth and perfect health and was used by pharaohs and queens, to achieve immortality.

Though they didn’t live forever, we can be sure that they had exceptional skin with real longevity.

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